Could Your Home Be Making You Sick?

Most people don't realize that how they are feeling or the symptoms they are experiencing are a direct reflection of their environment and not a sign of old age or the fact that they were born with bad genes.  

Did you know that the average person spends 90% of their lives indoors? Did you also know that your body is constantly being bombarded by the stressors in your environment? Whether you are absorbing toxic elements through your skin, your lungs the air you breathe, or through exposure to electromagnetic fields, you are a reflection of the environment in which you live. Therefore, where your body dwells is a fundamental factor to your overall health. 

By taking an assessment of these environmental stressors that you are exposed to you can reduce the overall burden on your system thereby giving the body an opportunity to "catch up" and return to a state of health.  The number one area where we have the most control over our environment is in our own homes.


Healthy Home Inspections

Want to know what may be affecting you in your home?  Not sure why you don't feel as well in your home as you do outside?  Want the peace of mind that your home is as healthy as it can be?  A healthy Home inspection is for you.

Where to find hidden mold in your home

Where to find hidden mold in your home


Environmental Testing

Whether its mold, allergens, VOC's, electromagnetic pollution or other environmental stressors, we will pinpoint the source and work with you to resolve the situation.



Considering a remodeling project or new construction?  Want to find out the best way to create a healthy home, nursery or office.  We can help.